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Former personnel, Family, and Friends of  the

6952nd Security Group
(formerly the 6952nd Radio Squadron Mobile)
(formerly  the 37th Radio Squadron Mobile) 

United States  Air Force
Security Service (USAFSS)

And the
7535th Air Base Squadron

Located at
  RAF Station Kirknewton, Midlothian, Scotland

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Welcome and glad you found us. 

The purpose of this web site is to provide a forum for finding and tracking former USAF and  civilian personnel that were stationed at RAF Station Kirknewton, Scotland.   If you are already on the Kirknewton Alumni/Address List please make sure your entry is correct by viewing it from Clan Kirknewton.   If you were stationed at Kirknewton, not on the list  and would like to be included,  click here for directions  You will also be invited to join Clan Kirknewton.

This web address is
which is redirected to
http://www.rafkirknewton.com or http://www.rafkirknewton.bravepages.com


The place for pictures, stories, and member interaction is on our interactive website on myfamily.com.  The title of this website is Clan Kirknewton  in recognition of our Scottish connection. 

The Clan Kirknewton web address is:  http://kirknewton.myfamily.com

The webmaster of this site and principal administrator of Clan Kirknewton is:
Harry Hathhorn, email address:   harryhat2@msn.com
Additional administrator's of Clan Kirknewton are:
Joe Mullican, email address:   JMulli3625@aol.com
Fred Crawford email address:  phrederic1@aol.com

Members --  Click on the web address above and use your username and password to login.  If you do not remember them send an email to one of the administrators listed above.   Once you are logged in you may contribute content.  You can also enter personal information such as address, etc in your personal profile.  If you enter your address and or phone # please send the same information  (for updating the Alumni/Address List) to the webmaster email address above.

Non members --  Non member access is not allowed due to privacy and security issues.   Kirknewton alumni  may request access to Clan Kirknewton for themselves,  family and Kirknewton

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