RAF Kirknewton Photo Presentation

Aerial of RAF Kirknewton Airfield-1943

Aerial of  upper site lower left --Lower site and airfield to the right-1989

Intercept Operators-1952

Upper Site Buildings-1953

Tent House Cleaning-Woody Woodward-1953

Latrine-upper site 2 below the hill

Upper Main SiteView-1953

Upper Main Site View-1953

Upper site-2 barracks

Hathhorn-upper site 2 area-1955

Able Flight-H frame barracks

New Upper Site H frame barracks

Service Club-1953

Hathhorn and Colburn waiting for bus to Edinburgh-1957

Guard gate-Waiting for city bus to Edinburgh-1957

Bus to Edinburgh at Guard Gate-1956

Farm looking towards village of Kirknewton from Hurricane road

Upper site Base Exchange (BX)-1956

Delta Flight Badge

C Trick-H frame barracks

Oil heater in H frame barracks-Jim McEvoy, Dog Trick-1956

Phone booth-H frame barracks area-1960

Party Time-Littlefield, Hendrix…-1960

Charlie Flight Sign-1961

NCO Club

Airmen's Club Sign-1961

Entrance to lower site and operations area-1960

NCO Academy-1956

NCO Academy-1957

Upper Site Aerial-1988

Lower Site Aerial-1988

Early Construction-1952

Early 7535th Air Base Squadron Staff Officers


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